Government Polytechnic Baram Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

Located in Baram, the land of the Gosi and Gauri River, Baram Polytechnic will a premier institute of Diploma in Rural area. It is spread over one acres of land on the east bank of the holy Gauri River. The institute is proposed to establish by Uttarakhand of Government. It has aimed at pursuing excellence in Technical education; Govt. Polytechnic Baram is planning students from throughout the Uttarakhand, a world-class education by providing a learning experience designed to develop intellectual abilities, as well as social, moral and ethical values. In so doing the institute will equip its students with the skills, insights, attitudes and practical experience that will enable them to become discerning citizens.

The institute programs combine the enduring value of a technical education with the skills and expeience offered by professional departments. The institute has qualified teaching faculty members. The most remarkable feature of the campus is the seamless interconnection of nature and the built environment. There are a number of lush green wild, water fountains and sidewalks which provide ideal environment on the institute for study.

The Promoting Body

a. Introduction to its Genesis including its Registration Status
Government Polytechnic Baram (Pithoragarh) is a Diploma institute established by UBTE under State Government of Uttarakhand.
b. Details of its Promoters including their Background
Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education has been setup by an act no-27 of 2003 as passes by Uttarakhand legislative assembly and assented by governor on 13-January 2004 and notified on 15-January 2004. It provides for the establishment and constitution of Board of Technical Education in Uttarakhand and for matters connected there with or incidental there to. The act is enacted by state assembly in 54 year of india. It shall be deemed to have come in to force from the date of notification issued by the state government. it extends to the whole of Uttarakhand state.
c. Activities of the Promoting Body including a listing of major educational activities undertaken in the past-
Traditionally, UBTE was entrusted with the task of coordination, formulation and maintenance of the standards of diploma education. To this end, it engagede itself in, among other things, framing regulations on minimum standards of education, determining standards of teaching and other comparative examination.
d. Promotion activities undertaken by it in the past
The UBTE has the unique distinction of being the only diploma monitoring agency in the Uttarakhand, which has been vested with two responsibilities: that of providing funds and that of coordination, determination and maintenance of standards in institutions of diploma educaion.
e.Mission of the Promoting Body

  • Promoting and coordination diploma education
  • Determining and maintaining standards of teaching and institute examination
  • Framing regulations on minimum standards of diploma education

f. Vision of the Promoting Body
Monitoring developments in the field of diploma education; disbursing grants to the diploma institutes

Central library

Library is the place where ideas generate and vision broadens. The institute has provision to include manatory library hours in the time table so that students spend quality time in the company of books and recent technical journals. The institute's central library will cover a ground area of about 300 mtr. with a seating capacity of 80. The interior of the library will well furnish with ergonomically designed seating arrangements. The library will self sufficient to a large extent and covers the courses offered by the institute. Studentscan also access journals and magazine through the magazine zone available in the library. The library will automate with slim software. Reciprocating facility will also made available to the students and faculty members. The library remains open for theentire duration of the college timings. The library will self-sufficient with all the academic requirements and proposed a sound collection of national/international Journals and Books. Educational CDs and CBTs. Existing facility is satisfactory for the proposed variation in intake and additional new course. Currently the institute has a library containing 460 books under 25 Titles of Electrical engineering

Central Workshop:

The proposed workshop (Area of 600 provide an opportunity for students to have hands on experience on various machines and get essential basic knowledge of various trades like fitting, carpentry, welding, black smithy, tin smithy, pipe joining and plastic molding. It also includes additional workshop for Electrical Engineering. tudents are also assigned appropriate jobs and evaluated on the completion of their reapective jobs
The modern lathe machines, shaper machine, milling machine, radial drilling machine, surface grinding machine and CNC Lathe machine will be available soon. Workshop wiil be equipped with a digital Universal Testing Machine with Computer interface for material testing which is a unique feature. At present, the institute has equipment in Carpentry,fitting,Plumbing , Welding,Mechanical and Sheet metal shop

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